Kaihan Krippendorff is the creator of the Kai Method, a strategic methodology that teaches executives and businesses how to seize options others ignore, unlock innovation, and build strategic thinking skills.

A former consultant with McKinsey Co., Kaihan has spent over a decade studying corporate conflict. He is the author of three business strategy books – “The Way of Innovation,” “The Art of the Advantage,” and “Hide a Dagger Behind a Smile”.

Each text delves into the keys to true competitiveness and innovation. Kaihan identifies mental patterns applied by great military strategists – from Sun Tzu to John Boyd – and then applies those strategies to modern breakthrough companies, such as Whole Foods, Microsoft and Starbucks.

Kaihan is an expert blogger with, and he has been featured in key business media outlets, including BusinessWeek, The Miami‐Herald, and Bloomberg Radio. He also presents his ideas and theories at conferences across the world. Kaihan teaches participants that agility and flexibility are more important than strength and resources, and he shows that with creativity, companies can consistently outthink their competition with ease.

Kaihan works regularly with ambitious large and medium‐sized corporations including Microsoft, Wal‐Mart, and Johnson Johnson. He has delivered keynote speeches for organizations such as Motorola, Schering‐Plough, Colgate‐Palmolive, Fortune Magazine, Harvard Business Review, The Asia Society and Wharton Business School that motivate participants to unleash their strategic creativity to better their organizations.

Beyond his research into Eastern military tactics and his own entrepreneurial success, Kaihan has master’s degrees in business administration from Columbia Business School and London Business School, a Bachelor of Science in Finance from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School, and a Bachelor of Science in Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Engineering. Kaihan is fluent in English with conversational command of Spanish and German.

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