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Stop Believing the Resume

The biggest problem with hiring is TRUST.

The closest thing to a person's perfection is their resume.
With Topgrading, you will learn to avoid dishonesty, lack of information, and verifiability with every candidate

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About Topgrading

The Growth Institute is offering you a great online Topgrading course that is tailored to your organizational needs, and schedule. This 3 month intensive course will help you learn and implement Topgrading® in your company.

The Topgrading approach to hiring and promoting is a proven method that allows you to select only the very ‘best of the best’ when looking at candidates for today’s jobs. We’ve created a step-by-step approach for implementing Topgrading in any organization. In this challenging market, any mis-hire can be devastating and a key mis-hire can be catastrophic. Topgrading is designed to make certain that you have the very best opportunity to add ‘A Players’ to your team and avoid the staggering cost of mistakes. It’s packing the team, indeed the entire company, with the very best people at every pay level. Topgrading hiring and promoting methods are basically common sense, but delivered and applied with simple to use tools.

Protect your brand promise

  • Protecting your brand promise means having the right people in the right positions

  • Topgrading guarantees outstanding employees in both frontline and management level positions

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By implementing Topgrading you will be able to increase your hiring success from 25% high performers to up to 90% high performers


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Topgrading Case Studies

Watch how Topgrading transformed these companies and helped them instill a happy, healthy culture that thrives on their ability to hire A-Players!

Nurse Next DoorCase Study
Speed WireCase Study

The 12 Steps:

  • Step 1: Measure Hiring Success

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Peter Drucker used to marvel at how companies are so good at measuring everything, how they say talent is their most important asset, and how they don’t measure it honestly. Most companies measure speed and cost to fill jobs, but that only means they mostly mis-hire people … but they do it fast and cheap

  • Step 2: Create a Job Scorecard

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Job descriptions are so vague neither candidates nor hiring managers are clear about what it will take to perform at the A level. Job Scorecards include both the measurable accountabilities and the minimum acceptable ratings on competencies in order for someone to be deemed an A player on the job.

  • Step 3: Recruit From Networks

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Recruiting from your Networks involves learning to build and maintain lists of about 20 A players and 15 “connectors”, and that takes a bit of effort. But the advantage of recruiting from your Networks is that it is faster, better and cheaper than running ads or using recruiters.

  • Step 4: Use The Career History Form

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Use the Telephone Screening Interview Guide with candidates who truly look as though they could be high performers from your analysis of the Topgrading Career History Forms and Topgrading Snapshots, and only invite the ones who really appear to be A players in for face-to-face interviews following the telephone screening interviews.

  • Step 5: Conduct Telephone Screening Interviews

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Use the Telephone Screening Interview Guide with candidates who truly look as though they could be high performers from your analyses of the Topgrading Career History Forms and Topgrading Snapshots, and only invite the ones who really appear to be A players in for face-to-face interviews following the telephone screening interviews.

  • Step 6: Conduct Competency Interviews

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What are competency interviews? They are interviews in which different interviewers spend one hour with a candidate, asking questions about one or more of the key competencies that were identified and listed in the Job Scorecard.

  • Step 7: Conduct Tandem Topgrading Interviews

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Formerly called the CIDS (Chronological In-Depth Structured Interview), the Topgrading Interview is a structured interview using the Topgrading Interview Guide. For management jobs there are two interviewers, known as the “Tandem Topgrading Interview”.

  • Step 8: Advanced Interviewing Techniques

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The vast majority of interviewers have never even taken an interviewing course, but Topgraders typically attend a two-day Topgrading Workshop, the second day of which they spend interviewing and getting feedback and coaching from Topgrading professionals and their tandem interview partners, using the Topgrading Interviewer Feedback Form.

  • Step 9: Write Draft Executive Summary

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You have a Job Scorecard with Competencies, and after each Topgrading step you write in pencil your best guess rating of the candidate. By the time you’ve done a Tandem Topgrading Interview and reference checks it’s pretty easy to write the report.

  • Step 10: Arrange Reference Calls

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At each step in the hiring process candidates are told that to get a job offer they must arrange personal reference calls with former bosses. That’s “truth serum.” After the Topgrading Interview the interviewer(s) pick which bosses and others they want to talk with and the candidate arranges the calls.

  • Step 11: Coach

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Your New Hire and the Topgrading Interviewers sit down and share all the notes and the new hire does the work of creating an Individual Development Plan, using a Topgrading template.

  • Step 12: Measure Your Hiring Success

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Step 12 is systematically measuring the percent of high performers hired and the costs of mis-hires pre and post-Topgrading. There are some skills to learn, but they are simple conceptually you will learn how to make these calculations.


Business Implementation
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Free Leadership Pathway

With the purchase of any Topgrading product you will get an additional leadership pathway. This comprises of 3 one-hour seminars that will help you achieve better leadership skills and habits that can be implemented immediately.

  • How to Create Leadership at Every Level

    By David Marquet

  • Helping Successful Leaders Get Even Better

    By Marshall Goldsmith

  • Multipliers:

    How the Best Leaders Make Everyone Smarter

    By Liz Wiseman

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