Outthink the Competition Master Business Course

Design an innovative strategy you can trust!

Outthink your competition with a 5-step process to 2x your value in the market and outpace your competitors.

Why Take The Course?

The level of performance and improvement needed today is unprecedented. To outthink and outperform the competition, you and your team must address business challenges by establishing a clear picture of the destination, the current reality, and the gap between the two in a systematic and structured way.

You must then generate innovative strategies, known as 4th Options, that enable the organization to close the gap in ways that the competition does not anticipate.

This program is a strategic and innovative thinking program. Outthink The Competition will equip your team with the tools you need to innovate and strategize to generate and select unique 4th Options strategies.

The goal? To Scale Up in 2021!

Companies who apply the tools delivered in this course accelerate their growth rates by 120%, expand their profit margins, and prepare themselves to thrive in the faster-paced, digital 21st century.


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What You'll Learn

In business, you can overcome disruption or you can fall back on rules of the past. The game has changed, and you need to look beyond your current playbook to create an entirely new strategic reality.

With this course, you'll be learning side-by-side with like-minded CEOs, CXO's and their teams. You'll also learn directly from Kaihan himself! He'll help you evaluate your strategic thinking process, offer your own insights, and show what you're missing. 

Having this additional community and support (both internally and externally) will give you an advantage no other online training can offer.

We will give you an environment of support, guidance, mentoring, coaching, collaboration, teamwork, peer support, and a whole lot more so you are fully equipped to thrive during your implementation!

Over the next 9 weeks, you and your team will tackle the innovation challenges most critical for your organization and learn as part of a community of executives! 

Meet Your Coach


Kaihan Krippendorff

Kaihan Krippendorff began his career with McKinsey & Company before founding the growth strategy and innovation consulting firm Outthinker. Author of five best-sellers, most recently the Edison Award-nominated, Driving Innovation from Within: A Guide for Internal Entrepreneurs.

A member of the prestigious Thinkers50 radar group and one of the top 8 innovation thought leaders globally, Kaihan was a finalist for the Thinkers50 Distinguished Achievement Award in Innovation in 2019.

Amidst a dizzying schedule of keynote speeches, consulting projects, and ongoing research, Kaihan finds time to teach at business schools globally (including NYU, FIU, and UA), write for major media outlets, and play an active role on four advisory boards.

Who will benefit from this course?

Business Owners

We provide the tools for business owners ready to take their businesses’ growth seriously. 


We provide the opportunity to emulate the proven results of industry leaders.


We provide strategies to leverage the customer relationships you already have.

Top Executives

We provide the latest and most effective methods to scale up your business now.


What are leaders saying about Outthink the Competition?

Successfully Scale Your Business With Our 360 Hybrid Method of Learning

A company can only grow as fast as its leadership. What are you doing to grow your leaders of tomorrow? From Strategy to Sales and Marketing to Operations and Finance –we have a course for everyone.



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Master Business Course: Self-Paced
What’s included:
featured_pricing-blue Access to this course for 1 team member
featured_pricing-blue All video content taught by Kaihan Krippendorff
featured_pricing-blue All course toolkits and resources
featured_pricing-blue All course toolkits and resources
Master Business Course: Full-Coached
$5,490 for 3 seats
Full course includes:
featured_pricing-blue Access to this course for 3 team members
featured_pricing-blue Lifetime access to this course, toolkits, etc.
featured_pricing-blue Global community of peers
featured_pricing-blue 8 Live coaching calls
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Frequently Asked Questions 

How long will I be able to access my Master Business Course?

Those who purchase single and team packages will have unlimited access to all course materials, including live sessions recordings for 12 months. 


MBD and MBD All Access members will have access for the lifetime of the membership.

What is your refund policy / money-back guarantee?

It’s simple! 30-days or 3 live sessions. If at the end of that time period you’re not 100% convinced that this course can deliver results for your business, we will refund the full course fee.

How do I cancel if I need to?

Please email support@growthinstitute.com for assistance with all cancellation requests.

What can I do if I miss the live sessions with the coach or author of the class?

You can always dial in from wherever you are; there will be leaders joining from around the world. That's a reality and we want to accommodate it.  You don’t need to be camera-ready to participate in these live sessions. If you're 100% sure that you'll miss out on a session, just let us know ahead of time and submit any questions you have. All the live sessions are recorded. Once recorded, they're uploaded to your learning platform, Dojo, where you can find and revisit them at any time. 


So if there are sessions you can't make, you can always watch the recording and then ask questions and get involved via the forums.

What is included in each Master Business Course?

Each course is uniquely designed and jam-packed with value and added value! You should find the specifics for this course on each unique information page.

Every course includes: 

  • Recorded sessions with the thought leader and their teams of experts and raving fans
  • Live virtual coaching calls with the thought leader and their teams of experts
  • Robust Toolkits and resources designed JUST for the Growth Institute course (you won’t see most of them anywhere else!)
  • A global community of peers learning and implementing alongside you
  • And a custom stack of added value, parallel learning opportunities, and more!

How are Master Business Courses different from other online courses?

We offer a unique learning experience, specially designed for busy leaders of growing businesses. There are 4 main elements of our 360 Hybrid learning experience that ensures that you see the change you want to see in your business throughout each course:

  1. Direct learning from the experts - the creators, authors, researchers, and experts who crafted the methodologies and concepts shared in each course are the ones teaching it!
  2. Robust systems toolkits - our course creators work directly with these amazing thought leaders to take their methodologies and turn them into an actionable and implementable curriculum that you and your teams can use right away in your business
  3. Live Coaching - this is a BIG ONE. Deepen your knowledge of the concepts each with direct, live virtual access to your thought leader and their team of experts. Ask questions, get personalized advice, and… 
  4. Community and peer support - learn also from your peer's experiences, questions, and the advice they receive!

How much time does this take?

Roughly 3 hours a week for the duration of the course: 1 hour for watching the weekly video modules and 2 hours a week for coaching and implementing what you’re learning alongside your team and classmates.

How can I bring my team members along?

Two ways:

  1. Grab a team package! You can bring 2 colleagues into the course with you
  2. Join MBD All Acces and get unlimited access to all Master Business Courses for 5 of your leadership team PLUS Edge community access for your entire organization.

Learn more about MBD All Access here and The Edge here

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