High Stakes Negotiations

Dr. Victoria Medvec Reveals Her Secrets to Winning the Negotiation, Getting More Than Expected and Leaving the Table as Friends.

Welcome to High Stakes Negotiations

Whoever names the price first loses – right?

WRONG! It is time to challenge this and many other myths about business negotiations. Learn the 10 steps to flawless negotiation skills with Dr. Victoria Medvec in her brand new Master Course.

Turbulent Times Can be Times of Opportunity IF You Know How to NEGOTIATE!

The High Stakes Negotiations Master Course will give you the upper hand in business negotiations for…

Price Reduction Requests

Mergers and Acquisitions

Raising Financing


Capturing Market Share

Gaining Customer Loyalty

Or any negotiation you are involved in…

It is challenging to be calm in the midst of the current economic environment and the stress that this environment is creating. High Stakes Negotiations is designed to help you reach positive outcomes in your negotiations, learn about strengthening relationships, and creating pathways for future negotiations.


What is high stakes negotiations?

Victoria Medvec navigates you through a tried-and-proven way of crafting negotiation packages. Through her ten steps, you will understand the multiple layers of negotiations, how to prepare for multiple plausible scenarios, and learn to become an accomplished negotiator.
High Stakes Negotiations offers concrete strategies and leads you through the details of how to weigh all your options before making any kind of decision. You will get practical experience negotiating with a peer, followed by reflection and analysis with a coach. The course teaches you the pitfalls and traps you may encounter when negotiating. You will come out of this course feeling empowered and confident in negotiations.

What will High Stakes Negotiations look like in your company?

Learn how to carefully analyze your own objectives and negotiate in a way that helps you achieve them.
Learn the costs and benefits of alternative strategies through direct practice with peers.
Understand your power in a negotiation through analysis of the other side.
Get guidance on using scoring systems to evaluate the merit of potential agreements.
Master the process to develop and present offers.
Have tips on how to strengthen your negotiations while avoiding pitfalls.

The 10 Strategies for Maximizing Outcomes & Building Relationships

Module 1

Preparation is Paramount to Negotiation Strategy

More than just considering your bottom line, Dr. Medvec demonstrates how proper preparation gives you the power in any situation, for anything you need to negotiate.

Module 2

Establish Your Goal

Those who establish more ambitious goals get greater outcomes – in every situation! Whatever you negotiate for has a perceived value that you have control over. Don’t underestimate your goals, never shoot low and always aim high. When you do you’ll always have room to maneuver and if you have to make concessions you’ll give a perceived win to the other side when in reality, you’re the winner.

Module 3

Improve Your BATNA

(Best Alternative to Negotiated Agreement) This is the biggest source of power in any negotiation and this one strategy will make or save you more than you can imagine. It is your “Plan B”. The stronger the outside option the more strength you have going in.

Module 4

Analyze Your “Reservation Price”

Learn the five myths of gatekeepers that prevent you from getting through; ten outbound voicemail tactics tWhat are ALL of the factors determining it? At what point should you walk away? There is always pressure to agree in any negotiation but some deals are worse than walking away. Reservation price is set on your own weaknesses. Ambitious goals are based on an assessment of the other side’s weaknesses and alternatives.hat get calls returned and ten inbound voicemail tactics that add value and help you stand out. You’ll also learn pre-call preparation techniques that every seller must use to increase success. Discover how to keep your call skills sharp and have FUN doing it!

Module 5

Develop a Scoring System

Believe it or not most negotiations, at least from an outsiders view, are predictable with predictable outcomes. Single issues are negotiated one at a time. Any one of these might make or break a negotiation. Why settle for that? Scoring allows you to compare your BATNA and reservation price from an overall viewpoint.

Module 6

Analyze Their BATNA

The better you analyze their BATNA the better you’ll be able to estimate their reservation price and take control of the negotiations. You may even find you can raise your goal when you know this one piece of information.

Module 7

Package Level Negotiations

Do you start with the most important issue? Do you negotiate issues one at a time? Or do you negotiate on a “package deal” basis? How do you avoid getting sucked into issue-by-issue negotiations? Why does a single issue strategy mean you’ll be leaving money on the table?

Module 8

Who Makes the First Offer?

Often you hear, “There is a risk in going first.” WRONG! There is a bigger risk in letting the other side set the tone for the negotiations.

Module 9

Does Your First Offer Leave You Room to Concede?

Having room to concede is not a sign of weakness! It is actually a strategy that will give you more of what you want and make you look like a hero to the other side – the side you have to live with after you leave the negotiating table.

Module 10

What is a MESO?

How does this one tactic lead you to accomplishing what you want – and winning the negotiation? You’ll have to register for the course to find out – but this one key, pre-planned tactic will leave the other side spinning and confused to the point they will take almost anything you offer them! At the same time, you’ll appear cooperative and flexible…keeping the other side as friends for a long term business relationship!

Meet Your Guides to Success

Victoria Medvec

Is the Adeline Barry Davee Professor of Management and Organizations at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. In addition, Dr. Medvec is a co-founder and the Executive Director of the Center for Executive Women at the Kellogg School and the President and CEO of Medvec and Associates, a consulting firm focused on high stakes negotiations and strategic decisions. Dr. Medvec is a renowned expert in the areas of negotiations, executive decision making, influence, and corporate governance. She teaches these topics to senior-level executives and Boards of Directors from companies around the world. In addition, she advises CEOs and their reports on critical decisions and negotiations, including mergers, acquisitions, significant customer contracts, supplier contracts, and partnership agreements.

Dr. Medvec serves on the board of directors for Guaranty Financial Corporation. She also serves on the advisory board for Shields Meneley Partners, a private global career management company specializing in CEO transition. She is also a Ringleader in Ringleader Ventures, a unique venture fund matching start up technologies with corporate needs.

Sara Soderstrom

Assistant Professor, Organizational Studies and Program in the Environment, University of Michigan

Sara Soderstrom joined the University of Michigan faculty in 2012. Sara completed her PhD at the Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University and a postdoctoral fellowship at the Erb Institute at the University of Michigan. Prior to her graduate work at Kellogg, Sara worked as a consultant at McKinsey & Company serving retail and financial services organizations and led a business transformation team in post-merger activities at The Auto Club Group, a AAA umbrella organization. She holds MSE degrees in Chemical and Environmental Engineering and a BSE degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Michigan. Sara has worked with Victoria Medvec and Medvec & Associates to facilitate negotiation workshops, guide professionals on negotiations, and teach negotiation courses since 2006.

Sara studies how individuals within organizations negotiate, mobilize others, develop coalitions, and access key decision makers when they are trying to implement sustainability initiatives. Further, she studies individual and organizational responses to the ambiguity and uncertainty that surrounds sustainability, such as making sense of emergent issues, prioritizing strategic initiatives, and agenda setting. Sara teaches multiple courses at the University of Michigan that focus on the intersection of organizations and sustainability. She has received numerous teaching awards, including the 2016 Individual Award for Outstanding Contributions to Undergraduate Education.

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