About the Master of Business Dynamics

Why the MBD

This program is designed for business leaders and executives of mid-market companies looking to develop an industry dominating strategy, so they can exponentially grow their businesses as well as impact their community.

Learning with the MBD includes…

Master Business Courses

Take 6 Master Courses with theory, practice and coached implementation.

On Demand Seminars

Access over 95 On-Demand Seminars with 18 months of the Scaling Up Club.

Interact With Though Leaders

Take advantage of over 60 hours of live coaching with our faculty.

What makes this program unique:


Globally renowned thought leaders who constantly help companies around the world develop breakthrough strategies to dominate their industry. It’s at the MBD that they will teach their latest findings within their expertise. i.e. innovation, leadership, etc.


Your company (and your industry) can’t afford to lose you for two years. The MBD is designed to adjust to your time and urgency constraints – because it shouldn’t be the other way around.


The MBD’s objective is not to just teach you new perspectives in business, but to really give you an arsenal of tools that you utilize from day one so you can dominate your industry.

How the Program Works

A holistic approach to online business education. It is an 18-month program that includes 6 skills-specific driven programs lead by certified experts, as well as monthly live discussions with high-caliber thought leaders.

Quarterly Courses

Each quarter, MBD students participate in one Master Course with a duration of 6-8 weeks.

1 course per quarter

5-10 hours of video lessons

6-8 live discussions with an author or coach

2-3 hours per week

Monthly Courses

Every month, students participate in a LIVE seminar and discussion with an author.

1 topic per month

60-90 minute video lessons

1 hour live discussion with the thought leader

1-2 hours per month


Dwight Cooper
Dwight CooperCEO, PPR Talent Management Group

“The MBD is the single biggest influence on the decisions I made in my business then and still to this day.”

Michael Riley
Michael RileyManaging Director of Skylight Ideas

”Thank you for making this (course) available…Your company really is a tremendous resource for cutting edge concepts.”

Daniel Marcos
Daniel MarcosCEO, Growth Institute

“The program I wish I had in my early entrepreneurial years and now recommend to all management teams of mid-market companies.”

The Master Courses to choose from:


Jack Daly’s Hyper Sales Growth Master Course curriculum was designed to provide Executives, managers, and all professionals the tools, knowledge, and implementation tips to successfully sell in today’s hyper-competitive business environment.

TOPGRADING® by Dr. Brad Smart

The Topgrading approach to hiring and promoting is a proven method that allows you to select only the very ‘best of the best’ when looking at candidates for today’s jobs. We’ve created a step-by-step approach for implementing Topgrading in any organization. It is designed to make certain that you have the very best opportunity to add ‘A Players’ to your team and avoid the staggering cost of mistakes.

SCALING UP by Verne Harnish

Decisions equal success – and there are four decisions, in growing your business, that you must get right or risk leaving significant revenues, profits and time on the table. The four decisions are: People, Strategy, Execution and Cash.


This is a 3-month intensive course that will help you learn and implement the key attributes of a 10x company no matter your size, or industry. Work with Co-Author’s and thought-leaders Salim Ismail and Yuri van Geest to learn and implement a scalable and exponential organizational structure. The class will feature 50+ video lessons on how and why building or adapting existing organizations to scale 10x is imperative to 21st century success.


Dr. Medvec, Northwestern University’s premier negotiations expert, has several critical negotiation tools useful during these turbulent times ranging from emphasizing “avoidance of loss” vs. “benefits” to the importance of driving all negotiations via synchronous communication – a critical technique for dramatically reducing sales cycle time.


Jack’s biggest contribution is gamifying the world of business. Named of the Top 10 Minds in Small Business by Fortune Magazine. He re-invented the theory of management with his book The Great Game of Business. GGOB teaches your team what it means to win in business, how to track, measure, and improve performance, and how to share a stake in the outcome.

The Scaling Up Club

The Scaling Up Club is a library of 95+ video courses and monthly live webinars with our featured thought leaders. The MBD provides access to the club for 18 months. With this you gain access to training you will be able to implement immediately. Whether it is leadership, people, sales, customer service, innovation, or something else, grow and develop the skills your organization needs to surpass expectations and scale-up.

On Demand Seminars to choose from:

The Focus Project

The Focus Project

Erik Qualman is one of the leading business leadership coaches in the world. One of his books, The Focus Project, seeks

Learn more
Digital Leadership

Digital Leadership

As a world-renowned speaker, author, and executive coach, Erik Qualman (or “Equalman”) knows what it takes to be a thriving

Learn more
Free PR

Free PR

The cost of ads is skyrocketing. So what’s a company to do? You could blow your budget on ads. You could hire a pricey PR firm. Or there’s a better way. A way to use free media to drive exposure, traffic, and sales.

Learn more
The CEO/COO Relationship

The CEO/COO Relationship

Every successful CEO has a true partner in their growth. That’s their COO. This content will demystify how to find your second in command to help you scale your company. And if you have one, this will help you really leverage them in their role.

Learn more
High Impact Boards

High Impact Boards

Whether you’re assembling your board for the first time or looking to reshape your current board, it can be an intimidating task. In this seminar, Bob shows you that there’s another way for boards to function, incentivizing them to provide critical insight at every board meeting.

Learn more
Mindfulness at Work

Mindfulness at Work

Learn a mindful approach to change, inspiring yourself and your team to reach the next level in performance, creativity, and success. You will learn how your energy and emotions impact the whole organization, and what you can do to become a leader of change

Learn more


Have you ever wondered why we choose to listen to some messages while completely ignoring others? In this seminar, Steve examines why some people in our society are listened to and why others are ignored.

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    Have you taken Topgrading or perhaps Scaling Up? No worries. We are offering new Master Courses in 2016 and more every year. This means, you can start the program with a course that you have not taken, and select others when new ones launch. Plus, your payment for your previous course(s) will count as a credit, so you’ve already partially paid for your MBD.

    Upon submission of your application, you will receive an email immediately with more information on next steps. The timeline for acceptance will be within a week of your submission. Once you have been notified of acceptance, you will have 2 weeks to pay to hold your spot in the program.

    Each Master Course is held once per quarter. You can join the program at any time and will be given the options for when the next courses will be starting for you to join.

    Yes! If you are enrolled in a Master Course that is starting this quarter, we will count it towards your MBD as credit.

    The MBD is an accredited certificate program. It is not the equivalent of a University’s Masters Degree. The acceptance of MBD courses as university credit would fully depend on the institution granting your degree.


    The Gazelles Growth Institute is a Corporate and Digital Learning Institution. We are regulated and accredited by an AdvancED. This means that we are audited by strict guidelines that ensure quality of learning.

    We are an official Corporate and Digital Learning Institution but not technically a university.

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