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What is the Master of Business Dynamics?

The Master of Business Dynamics is an interactive online program that helps you grow and scale your business with less drama.

Through our accelerated Hybrid Method of Learning, you'll go through a combination of unique strategy, tools for you and your team, implementation, coaching, and masterminding - all geared to help you grow and scale with less drama - or your money back!

Along with selected CEOs, top executives and entrepreneurs from around the world, you’ll go through our top Master Business Courses, taught by the most influential thought leaders in business growth.

Leaders like Jack Daly, Verne Harnish, David Meerman Scott, Dr. Brad Smart, Salim Ismail, Kaihan Krippendorff, and Daniel Marcos to name a few.

They'll teach you how to create hyper sales growth, how to master new methods of marketing, how to scale for higher profits, how to hire and keep top talent, how to execute exponential growth strategies, and more...

Learn how the Master of Business Dynamics Program can help you grow and scale your business, double your cash flow, 10x your valuation, and more!

You'll Make 6 Critical Business Improvements

Each quarter you’ll take part in one Master Business Course (MBC) for 8-12 weeks. Each MBC focuses on a critical area of your business and includes online live trainings, discussions, access to experienced coaches, downloadable toolkits and frameworks, and 5-10 hours of video lessons with our world-renowned business thought leaders.

To earn your MBD certificate, you can go through any 6 of our Master Business Courses:



Convert more prospects to sales with our customized "Sales Playbook."

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Develop the skills and mindset to deal with vendors, employees, and contracts.

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Create momentum so you can seamlessly scale without the drama and friction.

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Attract your ideal customers with a system that's Automated and Predictable.

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Systematize team functions. Align your people to maximize productivity and output.

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Optimize profits, raise your valuation, raise capital, and make wiser financial decisions.


People and Culture

Cultivate an exciting and vibrant company culture that aligns with your values and brand.

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Harness the true power of changing technologies as you build, grow, and scale.



Build a team of A-Players to lead and remove yourself from the day to day tasks.



Uses a step-by-step approach to make certain that you have the very best opportunity to attract, hire, and retain 'A Players' to your team and avoid the staggering costs of mistakes.



Look beyond your current playbook to create an entirely new strategic reality. Use a 5-step system to spot overlooked opportunities, leverage underutilized resources, and seize asymmetric advantages.


Complex Sales

Complex sales hinge on multiple stakeholders and tons of information. Master the decision process behind why your customers really buy and generate more profitable growth!

Start Developing Your Leaders of Tomorrow –Today

Our programs are highly customizable to your business needs, budgets, and growth paths.

The easiest way to explore your options is to:

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Book a Call With Our Experts

Talk to a growth strategist to discover what courses are right for you.

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Create Your Success Blueprint

Receive course recommendations based on your pain points and needs.

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Scale Impact & Reduce Drama

Accelerate growth with a team of A-Players who are ready and skilled to scale.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I try out some of your online courses before I buy them?

We’d be happy to give you a peek behind the curtain with a demo and access to some of our most popular course material, tools, and thought leaders. Book a call with us here and let's discuss what the most useful resources might be for your business.

What is your refund policy / money-back guarantee?

For members of The Edge:

You can cancel anytime. Please email for assistance with all cancellation requests.

For members of MBD or MBD All Access community:

There are no contracts involved and you can cancel at any time but remember that this program is structured for longer-term business and individual professional growth across your team. We recommend that you give this program at least 12 months to show results within your team and business (time for your team to take the right classes, move through their growth paths, and implement the changes). 

That said, here are a few specifics:

  • To decrease your member limit at either level, you need to let Growth Institute know with at least 60 days' notice.
  • To cancel your MBD All Access Membership you must provide Growth Institute with at least 60 days' notice.
  • Growth Institute’s refund policy can only be activated within the first 30 days after the membership start date.

How do I cancel if I need to?

Please email for assistance with all cancellation requests.


How does the renewal process work?

Your membership will auto-renew each month, quarter, or year, depending on your agreed billing cycle. 

You can cancel at any time. Please email for assistance with all cancellation requests.

Where can I access the courses?

All Growth Institute content is housed in our learning management system, Dojo. 

If you already have an account, you can log in here:

If you’re looking for a peek behind the curtain before you join, let us help! We’d be happy to show you around the community with a demo and access to some of our most popular course material, tools, and thought leaders. Book a call with us here and let's discuss what the most useful resources might be for your business.

How much time does this take?

As a member of our community, you have access to a variety of courses:

  • Master Business Courses take roughly 3 hours a week for the duration of the course: 1 hour for watching the weekly video modules and 2 hours a week for coaching and implementing what you’re learning alongside your team and classmates.
  • Learning Suites within The Edge community are between 20 and 60 minutes long.

What is the difference between a micro-training/Learning Suite and a master business course?

  • Master Business Courses are more in-depth learning experiences that include video learning, live coaching, growth tools, and implementation plans. They are typically between 7 and 12 weeks long (requiring roughly 3 hours per week)

  • Learning Suites/Micro-trainings are between 20 and 60 minutes long. All come with a learning guide and implementation tool and can be completed over a lunch break!

What is the difference between joining the Membership and enrolling in Master Business Courses separately?

When you join a course, you get access to that course's materials and resources only.

When you join a Growth Institute membership community, you’re getting access to all courses PLUS specialized help designing growth paths for your company and key employees; exclusive access to coaches and thought leaders weekly and monthly; and so much more.

There is value in taking the right people taking the right course. That value is amplified when you give the right people unlimited access to take the right courses anytime to solve your biggest business problems as they arise!

How much does a membership cost?

We offer individual and team packages of The Edge and MBD All Access Program. Click on the link from the package that most interests you to see the details and get in touch with any specific questions:

The Edge:

MBD All Access:

I’m not really sure where to start... Are there any recommended courses?

Let us help you discover the best starting place for your unique business situation. 

Book a call with us here and let's discuss what the most useful courses, resources, and tools might be for your business.

How does Implementation work?

With guided coaching, custom-developed tools, and your team at your side each course is designed specifically with implementation in mind. If you follow the course and do the work, you will see the change you want to see in your own performance and your business.

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